ALS Songwriting Contest - Write a Song About ALS
March 23rd - JUNE 1st 2020





The Coronavirus has forced audiences to stay home, shows to be cancelled and venues to to go dark....temporarily. Let’s make this time off PRODUCTIVE and write some music because you musicians have way too much time on your hands.

Rock Out ALS is Proud to be partnering with

for this National Contest.

- ALL GENRES ARE WELCOME: Rock, Country, Rap/Hip Hop, Metal, POP, etc.
- Open to All Musicians Nationwide (*)
(*) All Prizes Redeemable in Washington State Only

- Submitted Songs MUST be about ALS and “ALS” must be used in the lyrics at least ONCE.
- ALS is a Death Sentence, and it’s ok to include the darkness of the disease, BUT we’d PREFER songs to be about HOPE AND BRAVERY.
- Though there are no plans for radio broadcast, recorded songs should be RADIO FRIENDLY in the event of possible airplay. (ie: 3-5 minutes long, no “F-bombs”)
- All Song Submissions MUST be accompanied by
- A copy of the Lyrics
- Songwriter Credits
- Performing Musician Credits
- Recording Engineer/Technician/Location Credits.
(Home/Rehearsal Space/Basement recordings are perfectly fine!)
- All Submissions must be accompanied by a Artist/Band photo
or logo image
- ALL SONGS SUBMITTED become the co-property of the Artist/Band and Rock Out ALS.
- “Up Tempo” songs are preferred, ballads will be accepted though.
- ALL songs must be submitted by the deadline of MAY 1ST 2020 BEFORE MIDNIGHT....No Exceptions.

2017 Winner "Spillman and Friends - The Sentence"

Judging will be in 2 Rounds:
Round One - by our panel of Judges
Round Two - Finalists will be announced JUNE 4th and their songs posted to a Soundcloud Account.  Those Finalists will then have 1 week to get the most public votes for their song.
1st, 2nd and 3rd Place winners will be announced JUNE 11th 2020


(Redeemable in Washington State ONLY)
1st Place winner gets a MUSIC VIDEO of their song Filmed and Produced by Skye Warden.
2nd Place winner will receive a 3 hour PHOTO SHOOT ($1K Value) by Jared Ream.
- 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners will have their songs made available for paid download to benefit Rock Out ALS and uploaded to the Rock Out ALS YouTube Channel for regular posting on its Social Media and Website.
- Video, 2nd & 3rd place winners will be posted via Web and Social Media of I AM ALS, Team Gleason and the ALS Hope Foundation


Michael Miller

Founder / President of 

Rock Out ALS

Brian Wallach

Founder of I AM ALS w/ALS

Clare Durrett

Director of Communications

Team Gleason

Jamey Piggott

Executive Director of

ALS Hope Foundation

Dana Sims

Owner of El Corazon in Seattle and Drummer for Witchburn and Piston Ready

Sarah Rosenzweig

Former Music Director, Instructor, Industry Professional w/ALS

Jodi Star

Seattle Rock Scene Fixture turned single mom w/PALS

Skye Warden

Seattle Video Producer and Guitar Player for Abney Park and DK Zero

Jared Ream

Seattle Rock Photographer at JR Photo

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